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Cases being enforced

Do you want to keep track of cases you have applied for us to enforce? If so, you as applicant can use the e-service Mål som verkställs.

Once you have logged in as an applicant, you will first reach a start page. Here you will find the page Mina krav mot andra and then the service Mål som verkställs.

What you can see

In the service Mål som verkställs, you can see

  • the pending cases that we have approved for enforcement, even if you have hired a representative
  • your closed cases.

The service is under development and will be expanded in the future with more information on each case.

Please note

The e-service is in Swedish.

Cases being enforced

For representatives of a company

If you are representing a company, you can use the e-service Mål som verkställs. More information on e-services for representatives of a company can be found here:

My Pages

The e-service Orders

If you want to know more about the claims you have applied for us to establish, use the e-service Orders.