My Pages

On My Pages, you can view your own or the company's debts and use our e-services. All services that require login can be found on My Pages. You log in using your BankID or Freja e-id+.

On My pages you can, among other things, see your debt balance, pay debts, take a position on a claim or submit an application. If you represent a company, you can keep track of the company's debts and claims that someone has against the company (orders).

If you have requested our help in establishing a claim (order to pay) or requested our help in collecting a debt (enforcement), you can find information about your cases in Mina krav mot andra.

Log in with e-identification

You need to be at least 18 years old to be able to log in to My pages. When you log in to our e-services or to My pages with Bank-id or Freja e-id+, you identify yourself in a secure way. You also use Bank-id to sign documents electronically.

If you need help

Read more about how to log in, e-ID and if you have problems logging in or with our e-services:

How to log in to our e-services

Who you are determines what you can see and do

Which e-services you can use and what you can see and do on My pages, depends on who you represent. You can represent yourself, a company or employer, unemployment funds or pension providers.

For private individuals and you with your own company

Most of our e-services are aimed at you who are a private individual or sole trader. You can use the e-services if, for example, you have a claim against someone or to consider a claim. You can also view your balance due, pay a debt and apply for debt restructuring.

My Pages for representatives of a company

If you are representing a company, you log in to My Pages in the same way as a private individual. You can see the debts and claims someone has against the company (orders). You can also see the claims the company has against others, both claims to be established (orders to pay) and enforced.

As a representative of a company, you can also apply to have a claim against someone established (order) or apply for our help in collecting a debt (enforcement).

The following company types and roles can log in to My pages and represent a company:

  • limited liability company: director or CEO
  • economic association: board member or CEO
  • partnership: partner
  • limited partnership: complementary

Please note

You cannot represent a company on My pages if you are an external CEO, i.e. a CEO who is not a member of the board.

If you want to log in and represent your company, it must not be in merger, bankruptcy, liquidation or deregistered.

For other target groups

Some e-services are directed at representatives of employers, unemployment funds, pension providers or bankruptcy trustees. If you belong to one of these groups, you should use the e-services Reporting, Response to Inquiry or Bankruptcy Supervision. You can not access these services via My pages, but through the collection page for our services:

E-services and forms

You log in using BankID as a private person and then state which company it is you are providing information for.

My Pages on the Auction site (Auktionstorget)

If you have purchased movable property or vehicles at our online auctions and want to pay your invoice, please log in to My Pages at Auktionstorget.

Online auctions: Log in (in Swedish)