Do you want to keep track of the status of claims you have applied for us to establish in a decision? If so, you as applicant can use the e-service Förelägganden.

Once you have logged in as an applicant, you will first reach a start page. Here you will find the page Mina krav mot andra and then the e-service Förelägganden.

What you can see

In the service Förelägganden, you can

  • see the pending cases that you have applied to have established
  • find information on the status of your case, such as whether the defendant has received the claim (been served)
  • see your closed cases, even if you have hired a legal representative.

The service is under development and will be expanded in the future with more information on each case.

Please note

The e-service is in Swedish.

For representatives of a company

If you are representing a company, you can use the e-service Förelägganden. More information on e-services for representatives of a company can be found here:

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The e-service Cases being enforced

If you want to know more about the established claims that you want us to help you enforce, please use the e-service Cases being enforced.

Cases being enforced