Collect damages

Has a court ruled that you are entitled to damages in a criminal case? If you are not paid, you can contact us for help.

You will receive a letter from us with the application form once the trial is concluded and the judgment can no longer be appealed.

The form Application for enforcement (damages due to crime) can also be found on the website. Use it or our e-service when applying for damages.

It is important that you use the reference number in your application. It is written on the application form you received from us.

New applications

The e-service and form shall only be used for new applications. You must not use them to provide information on a pending case.

Any questions?

If you have questions about damages — please call or email us. Do not use the e- service or form for anything other than the application.

Please note

The e-service is in Swedish, the form is in English.

Application for enforcement (damages due to crime)

Carefully fill in all the details so that you do not need to add anything to your application.

Help before you receive our letter

Please use the e-service (in Swedish) or form (in English) if you apply for our help before receiving our letter. If so, attach a copy of the judgment or pages stating the following:

  • who is entitled to damages (injured party)
  • who must pay damages (defendant)
  • the judgment stating the size of the damages.

Many details to fill in

You must fill in many details about you and other matters.

Details about you

You must fill in details about you as an applicant:

  • contact details and details about a representative, if any
  • bank details.

Under 18

If the person entitled to damages is under the age of 18 and the damages are to be paid into the account of one legal guardian, you must include a power of attorney from the other legal guardian.

Protected personal data

If you have protected personal data, check a box and leave the address field blank. If you attach documents containing sensitive personal data, please fill it out in your application.

Details on the person(s) who must pay

You must check a box if the application applies to

  • all those liable to pay damages pursuant to the judgment
  • some of the people in the judgment (write names or personal identity numbers).

If several people are to pay damages

Sometimes the court rules that several people together must pay damages. This means that the persons have a joint (joint and several) payment liability. If so, you can claim the entire damages from any of the liable persons.

Other details you must fill in

Fill in details on

  • your claim (all or part of the damages, as well as any interest)
  • if you already received part of the damages
  • the judgment or the summary imposition of a fine
  • the court or public prosecution authority and case or matter number
  • other things that may be of value.


Finally, you must sign the application.

If the application applies to someone who is under the age of 18 and has two legal guardians, both must sign.

If the application applies to someone who is under the age of 18 and one of the legal guardians must pay damages, it is enough if the other legal guardian signs the application. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your child is entitled to compensation

We can help your child to apply for damages due to a crime. This is what you need to know as a legal guardian (parent) if the child is under 18 years of age.

As the child's legal guardian, you can apply for our help via e-service or form.

If there is another legal guardian, you need to show that they know and approve that you represent the child and file the application. You can email or mail the other legal guardian's approval. The approval must be signed.

You can apply for our help in recovering the damages on your own, if the other parent has been sentenced to pay damages due to a crime. In this case, it is enough for you to sign the application.

You must include a power of attorney from the other legal guardian with your application if the damages are to be paid into your account. However, if the other legal guardian is the one paying the damages, there is no need for a power of attorney.

There is no charge to apply

When your application is received, we will register it and send a payment claim to the person who must pay the damages.

There is no cost to submitting the application.

Remember that you can always use our e-service.

If you use the form, you need to send your application to the correct office.

The postal code determines to which office you send the application. Find the correct office by filling in the postal code of the person who must pay (the debtor). Click Search.

Submit application for enforcement (in Swedish)

Please note

You do not need to include the judgment if it has become legally binding.

Cases being enforced

You can view information about your cases on My Pages. Log in and select Mina krav mot andra and then Mål som verkställs.

Cases being enforced (in Swedish)

Does the person liable to pay damages not pay voluntarily? Then we investigate whether they have a salary or property that we can dispose of or sell in order for you to get paid. You will regularly receive a so-called interim report from us. The letter means we continue to try to collect the debt on your behalf.

If you get paid

If you get paid directly by the person liable to pay damages, you must notify us when and how much you have received.

Apply for criminal injury compensation

In some cases, you may be eligible for criminal injury compensation from the Swedish Crime Victim Authority. Before you apply, you must first have tried to collect the damages through us and through your insurance company.

Please note

You must have tried to get paid by all persons sentenced to pay the damages jointly and severally, to be entitled to any criminal injury compensation.

The Swedish Crime Victim Authority wants our investigation report before the authority disburses criminal injury compensation to you. The report must not be older than six months.

When you receive compensation from the Swedish Crime Victim Authority, the person who must pay the damages will be obligated to pay money to the authority instead of to you. Read more on the Swedish Crime Victim Authority's website:

Compensation through your insurance

If you have an insurance policy, you must always report a crime to the insurance company.

Many comprehensive household insurance policies include an assault cover. You can also be insured through your employer or through your union.