Tekniskt underhåll av våra system pågår i dag, den 21 mars. Under tiden för underhållet kan vi inte besvara frågor som rör in- och utbetalningar till betaltjänsten för skuldsanering eller fakturor som gäller våra ansöknings- och grundavgifter.


You want to get paid through the sale of real property

Does the person who is indebted to you own a real property unit and do you have a mortgage deed as security? If so, you can have it determined that your claim has a special preferential right and you can get paid when it is sold.

If you have a special preferential right in a real property unit it is called that the real property unit is attached.

When can you apply?

You can apply to get paid (order to pay) if someone is indebted to you. Your claim must be about money and the last date for payment must have passed.

We or a court may determine that your claim shall have special preferential right in the real property unit. The real property unit is then considered attached. This means you can request a sale of the real property unit. We can then sell the real property unit by way of execution and you get paid.

You can read more about how to do this on the website.

You want to get paid

You can use the e-service (in Swedish) or the form (in English). If you prefer the form, fill in the form Application for order to pay/ordinary assistance.

Sale of real property unit: Application for an order to pay