Withdraw your application

You can withdraw your application to determine a claim (order to pay or judicial assistance) or have a determined claim implemented (enforcement).

This is how you do it

In your withdrawal, you must fill in

  • the case number that we have assigned to the case
  • the personal identity number or company registration number of you and the person to whom the application is directed.

Withdraw application to determine claim

If you have submitted your application to have a claim determined (order to pay or judicial assistance), you send your withdrawal by email or by post.

Send letter or application: Other documents

Withdraw application to implement (enforce) claim

Have you applied for our assistance in, for example, collecting a debt (enforcement)?

Send the withdrawal by email or by post to one of our offices. Which office is determined by where in the country the person who must pay or do something (the defendant) lives.

Find the correct office by filling in the postal code of the defendant. Click Search.

Submit application for enforcement (in Swedish)

Pay even though you withdraw

You must pay the fee even if you withdraw your application for an order to pay.

You may also have to pay the fee for enforcement, if it has not already been paid by the defendant. You may also receive an invoice for costs incurred in the case.

You can find more information about fees and costs on our website.

Fees and costs