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We will assess whether your debt restructuring can begin

Once you have submitted your application, we will review it to see if you meet the requirements for being granted debt restructuring.

Two requirements are extra important

We investigate two of the requirements more than the others. These are about your debts and your ability to pay them, and whether a debt restructuring is reasonable.

Are you able to pay your debts?

First, we go through all the circumstances that may affect whether you will be able to pay your debts in the future. There is no limit to how small or large the debt needs to be. Instead, we look at your total debt in relation to what you can pay. Your ability to pay is influenced by many different factors, including:

  • the size of your debt
  • your current and future earnings
  • your age
  • your education
  • any illness and unemployment.

Is a debt restructuring reasonable?

We also make an assessment of your personal and financial circumstances to determine whether a debt restructuring is reasonable. We especially look at:

  1. how and why your debts have been incurred
  2. if you have done what you can to pay your debts
  3. that you are active and answer questions so we can review your application.

Initial decision

If you meet the requirements, we decide to initiate debt restructuring.

One step along the way

The decision to initiate debt restructuring is one step on the way to debt restructuring. The initial decision means that you have the prerequisites to have your application for debt restructuring approved.

Start paying now

To get started with the debt restructuring as quickly as possible, you must start paying us now. The decision states how much you must pay each month.

The size of the amount depends on your ability to pay. We calculate how much you and your family need to support yourselves. It could be that you don't pay anything at all. If so, those you owe money (your creditors) will not get paid.

The amount may also be changed in the course of the proceedings. That's because we don't have all the information about your finances at this stage. You can calculate approximately how much you get to keep.

When we decide to initiate

We announce the decision to initiate debt restructuring by an advertisement in the Swedish Official Gazette (Sw. Post- och Inrikes Tidningar) on the Swedish Companies Registration Office's website.

We also contact those who want to get paid, meaning known creditors, directly. The purpose is for them to notify us of their claims. They may also report debts that you may have failed to include in your application.

A debt restructuring includes all debts you have when we decide to initiate your debt restructuring. You can find more information on the page Proposal and decision.

Proposal and decision on your debt restructuring

Attachment ceases

The decision to initiate debt restructuring also normally means an end to any attachment of your income.

Our investigation continues

Following the decision to initiate debt restructuring, we conduct a more comprehensive investigation. The investigation eventually leads to a proposal on how to proceed with your debt restructuring.

New debts during the turnaround time

It is important that you do not incur new debts even if you experience temporary payment problems following the decision to initiate debt restructuring.

Pay attention to

You should pay particular attention if you have a housing allowance, for example, as you may be liable to repay later if you get too much. If you have a tax adjustment, it is important that it, too, is correct.

Important to know

Only debts that existed before we made the decision to initiate debt restructuring are included. Debts that you incur after the decision is not included in your debt restructuring. You need to pay those in full. It is therefore important that you do not incur debts during your debt restructuring.

If you receive a claim after your application

If you receive a claim after submitting your application for debt restructuring, but before you have a decision on debt restructuring, you need to consider the claim.

If you accept a claim for payment (order), you need to notify us at debt restructuring. Then we can await the decision (verdict) on the claim before deciding on debt restructuring. That way the debt can be included in your debt restructuring.

If you object to the claim, the case may go to court. Since the claim is disputed (meaning, you and the one who wants to be paid do not agree), it is not included in your debt restructuring.

How to object to the claim

You can object by emailing or writing us a letter telling us why the claim is incorrect. It is important that you object in time — the deadline for responding is stated in the claim letter.

You want to object to a claim

Debts in another country

Foreign debts are subject to Swedish debt restructuring under the same terms and conditions as other debts. A debt restructuring initiated as from 26 June 2017 is valid throughout the EU, except in Denmark. This means that debts included in your Swedish debt restructuring cannot be collected within the EU, except in Denmark. Debts originating outside the EU and subject to a Swedish debt restructuring decision can still be collected in non-EU countries.

A Swedish debt restructuring initiated before 26 June 2017 is still only valid in Sweden.


Once the debt restructuring is initiated, you pay directly to us. If you lack ability to pay, you must not pay anything at all. Sometimes, some debts are not included in the debt restructuring. You must continue paying off these debts. If this is the case, you will receive information from us.

Please note that you must continue to pay your regular bills, such as rent, electricity and telephone bills, and any child maintenance.

If you have pledged your residence as security for a debt you are paying off, you must continue to pay the debt in the same way as before.

Record of non-payment

You will receive a record of non-payment from the credit reporting agencies when we decide to initiate your debt restructuring.

Record of non-payment

Read more on the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection's website:

Payment default records