Calculate your reserve amount

There are several factors that affect the size of your attachment of earnings. You are always guaranteed to keep a certain amount – a reserve amount – to support yourself.

The reserve amount consists of

  1. your housing cost
  2. a normal amount to cover your general cost of living.

You can also get allowances for childcare, work trips, etc.

Your employer pays us what is left of your income after these costs have been deducted. We ensure that those you are indebted to (your creditors) get paid.

Calculate how much you get to keep

You can calculate the amount you are entitled to keep, your reserve amount.

How the calculation works

You need to provide a lot of information in order for us to calculate your reserve amount. Among other things, about your

  • family relationships
  • income and that of your partner, if any
  • housing costs
  • other costs.


The amount you receive is approximate. It may differ from the amount we reach in our calculation. This is because, among other things, there may be data in our records that affect the calculation.

Please note

You are anonymous and do not need to provide any personal data to make the calculation. Your answers are not saved.