Application for review of debt restructuring

Both you and those who want to get paid (your creditors) can apply to have the debt restructuring changed. This can happen if your finances worsen or improve. Then we review the debt restructuring.

Minor changes

Minor changes to your finances, such as annual wage increases or rent increases, can cancel each other out. You should manage this by planning your finances and making use of your reserve amount, buffer, and payment free months.

Please note

The e-service and the form is in Swedish.

Review of debt restructuring — application from you who have debt restructuring (in Swedish)

If you become worse off financially, you might not be able to pay the way you're supposed to. Then you can apply with us to have the debt restructuring changed so that you can pay less.

You can apply for review by form, e-service, or email. There is no requirement for the application for review to be signed.

Long-lasting change

We can grant a review of the debt restructuring if your finances have changed greatly. As a general rule, this means that you must have SEK 500 less per month for at least three months.

In case of minor changes, your application for review may be rejected.

If you receive a rejection, your debt restructuring continues as before and you must comply with previous decisions.

Do you want to know how long it will take us to process your case?

Waiting times (in Swedish)

Calculate how much to pay

You can calculate how much you are able to pay now and compare with your decision.

Keep in mind that the service does not take your buffer into the calculation, you have to deduct it yourself. You can see your buffer in your decision.

If your finances improve greatly, creditors may want more or you want to pay more yourself.

You can apply for review by form, e-service, or email. There is no requirement for the application for review to be signed.

If the creditors apply for a change, we can extend your payment period. We do not do so, however, if you are the one who applies for the change.

Your debt restructuring can be extended to a maximum of seven years or five years for entrepreneurs.

In some cases, those you owe money may apply for your debt restructuring to be terminated early (cancelled). This applies, for example, if you

  • have provided false information in your application for debt restructuring
  • have not paid according to your decision
  • have become much better off financially during your debt restructuring without filing for review.

If your debt restructuring is terminated early (cancelled):

  • you have the same debts as before the debt restructuring
  • minus what you've already paid
  • plus the interest accrued during the debt restructuring.

You will find more information about what can happen if you don't pay according to your payment plan.

After decision on debt restructuring