Problems with login or e-services

If you have problems logging in to My Pages or using our e-services, you can do several things.

Problems with login

If you have trouble logging in, first contact the publisher of your e-ID to find out if the problem is with the provider. You can also test if your e-ID is valid on the publisher's website.

You can also try to log in to another webpage, restart your device and try again, and check your internet connection.

In case of continued problems, please feel free to email us.

Email in case of problems with login or e-service

Please provide the following information:

  • describe what happens when you try to log in or use an e-service
  • which e-service you want to use (for example, application for debt restructuring or debt balance statement)
  • date and time when the error occurred
  • your device (make or model) and browser (e.g. Google Chrome)
  • your personal identity number
  • your phone number.

For you who represent a company

If you do not find information about your company on My Pages, it may be because you do not have the required role in the company or that the company is undergoing a merger, bankruptcy, liquidation or de-registration.

You cannot represent a company if you are not a member of the board, for example if you are registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office as an external CEO.

My pages

Applications you have started are saved

Have you started an application for an order to pay, enforcement or debt restructuring, but not sent it? Then your application remains as a draft on your own surface on the start page. You will find your drafts under the heading My applications.