Tekniskt underhåll av våra system pågår i dag, den 21 mars. Under tiden för underhållet kan vi inte besvara frågor som rör in- och utbetalningar till betaltjänsten för skuldsanering eller fakturor som gäller våra ansöknings- och grundavgifter.


My Orders

Do you want to keep track of what claims (orders) someone has against you? Then you should use the e-service My Orders, which you can find on My Pages.

When you log in using BankID or Freja e-id+, you will first land on a home page. There you will get an overview of what is most relevant to you. In the To Do field, you can see if you have any case you need to consider and act on.

The same information is also available for you who represent a company, but you cannot currently respond that the company has received a letter (order) with a claim or act on My pages.

The e-service My Orders

In the service My Orders, you can

  • view the claims you have received (orders)
  • respond that you have received the claim – only for private individuals
  • consider whether you think the claim is correct or incorrect– only for private individuals.

No electronic ID?

If you do not have a BankID or have questions about Swish — contact your bank. If you do not have a Freja e-id+, you can find information here:


You can also read more about BankID here:

BankID: Contact details for private individuals

If you can do what is stated in the claim

If you have received a claim to pay or do something (order), you must respond, decide, and take action. If the claim is incorrect, you must notify us.

If the claim is correct, you can pay or do what is stated in the claim. Find more information on how to do this here:

You can access the e-service (in Swedish) by logging in using your e-ID.

The e-service My Debts

If you want to keep track of your debts, use the e-service My Debts.

My Debts