My Debts

If you want to keep track of your debts, you should use the e-service My Debts. You can find the service on My Pages.

When you log in using BankID or Freja e-id+, you first land on a home page that gives you an overview of what is most relevant to you. In the To Do field, you can see if you have any current debts.

The e-service My Debts

In the service My Debts you can

  • view your current debts, to be collected, and get more information about each individual debt
  • view closed debts
  • get information about past payments
  • find information on how to pay
  • pay with Swish. You can distribute the payment between all debts, pay part of a specific debt, or pay off an entire debt – only for private individuals
  • by using the forecasting tool, see how your debts can develop over a 10-year period. If you have attachment of earnings, you can get an approximate idea of how long the attachment may continue – only for private individuals.

You can access the e-service (in Swedish) by logging in using your e-ID.

No electronic ID?

If you do not have a BankID or have questions about Swish — contact your bank. If you do not have a Freja e-id+, you can find information here:


You can also read more about BankID here:

BankID: Contact details for private individuals

Please note

You can always pay your debts via bank giro.

The e-service My Orders

To learn more about the claims someone has against you (orders), please use the e-service My Orders.

My Orders