Correction of data

Your data usually does not need to remain in our registers if it has been recorded there by mistake. You then have the right to request correction.

When do we correct data?

We may decide in some cases to correct false, incorrect, and misleading information in our records. For example, it may be that details about a debt may lead others to believe that you did not want to pay or could not pay, while there were completely different reasons for the debt being registered with us.

You can request correction

If you, for example made a mistake when paying or if a payment claim has been erroneously referred to the Enforcement Authority, you then have the right to request correction.

The debt must be paid or withdrawn

Keep in mind that a current debt must be fully paid or withdrawn for the data to be misleading.

How to request correction

If you want a correction in our records, you must submit an application to us.

The application must include

  1. your personal identity number or company registration number
  2. information about what data you want corrected
  3. circumstances that lead you to believe the data is incorrect or misleading
  4. receipts or other documents proving this
  5. an explanation of whether the debt has been paid or withdrawn.

Send letter or application: Application for correction

Do you want someone representing you?

If you want someone to represent you, we need a signed power of attorney so we know you want to be represented by that person.

What happens next?

If we make a correction to our records, the credit reporting agencies will also be notified. They then have to make a change to their records.

You have the possibility to have a court review the matter if we cannot correct the data the way you want. You can then appeal our decision. How to do this is set out in the decision.

Want more information?

You are welcome to contact our customer service.

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