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Dare to talk about debt

Do you find it awkward or difficult to talk to others about your debts? You are not alone. Having the courage to talk about your financial problems is often the first step towards becoming debt-free.

Life events can affect your finances

If you experience problems with your finances, it is usually due to a number of factors. For example, if you live on the margin financially, you are more likely to be severely affected by life events such as unemployment, illness, addiction, divorce, and death. You may react by taking out new loans, withdrawing, or doing nothing. This can make your problems worse.

Take action and seek help

There are things you can do to influence your situation. Start by reviewing your financial situation and whether you can handle a major change in your life. If you are worried about your finances, it is important that you seek help.

Take action as soon as possible by seeking knowledge and asking for advice and support. This increases the chances that your financial problems will be short-lived.

Tell someone

You may experience feelings of anxiety, guilt, and shame. You may withdraw, isolate, and become passive in a situation where you need to act as soon as possible. If so, you are not alone. It is common for people with financial problems to avoid telling others that they are in debt.

If you tell someone else that you are in debt, you often feel relieved afterwards. Daring to tell can be crucial. It can give you the strength and motivation you need to do what is necessary to become debt-free.

First talk to the person you owe

It is a good idea to first talk to the person you owe. This reduces the risk of negative consequences such as a record of non-payment or increasing the cost of the loan more than necessary.

Describe your situation. Ask to pay later or get an instalment plan.

Read more about how to prepare for the conversation.

Contact the person you owe

Talk to our customer service

We can provide tips and information you may find useful, such as My Pages and the debt forecasting tool Skuldprognosen – where you can see how your debts develop and when you can be debt-free.

Talk to someone close to you

You may have a friend, relative or someone else in your circle of acquaintances whom you trust and can talk to.You can lay out the call like this:

  1. Ask to speak to the person.
  2. Choose a time when you can talk in peace and quiet.
  3. If you want the person to just listen, say so.

Talk to someone who is used to listening

It can also feel good to talk to someone who is used to seeing people with financial problems. For example, it could be a

  • budget and debt adviser in the municipality
  • priest or deacon in the Church of Sweden
  • fellow human being in a non-profit organisation.

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