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Community support for you who need help with finances

If you are worried about your finances, you can get help from others. There are many different operators in the community where you can get support. You are not alone. The most important thing is that you take charge of your situation and don't hide the problem. Here we list several different operators who can support you in different situations. Take one step at a time.

You need help getting your finances in order

If you struggle managing your finances, the municipality's budget and debt advisers can help you. They can provide advice and concrete suggestions on how to plan your finances and manage your debts. They can also help you contact the people you owe and help you set up an instalment plan.

If you are thinking of applying for debt restructuring, get help from a budget and debt adviser before applying. You can find contact details for budget and debt advisers in your municipality on the Hello Consumer website:

Kommunal budget- och skuldrådgivning (in Swedish)

If your situation is urgent and you have no money or assets at all, you can apply for financial assistance from your municipality. The National Board of Health and Welfare has general information on financial assistance.

Ekonomiskt bistånd – för privatpersoner (in Swedish)

Swedish Consumers can help you by providing free facts and guidance on financial matters. They have tips and advice depending on where you are in life, for example if you are new to Sweden, have just left home, or are about to separate.

Swedish Consumers

On the Swedish Consumer Agency's website, you can get an overview of your finances using the authority's budget calculator. You can also read about how to report companies that violate consumer law.

You need information on your rights as a consumer

Hello Consumer is an information service for consumer-related issues - before, during, and after a purchase. Guidance is provided by phone or chat.

Hello Consumer

Many municipalities offer consumer guidance services where you can go for information and support.

Kommunal konsumentvägledning (KVL) (in Swedish)

You want to know if you have a record of non-payment

If you want to know if you have a record of non-payment, you should contact a credit reporting agency. The Enforcement Authority does not issue records of non-payment. You can read about records of non-payment and find a list of all credit reporting agencies on the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection website.

You feel bad and need to talk to someone

Jourhavande Kompis (on-call friend) is a support chat for people up to 25 years old. You are anonymous and so are the people operating the chat. The page is in Swedish but there is some information in English.

Röda korset: Jourhavande Kompis (in Swedish)

Sharing your thoughts with someone can make a difference. Jourhavande präst (priest on call) listens, and what is said stays between you. You don't need to be a believer or a member of the Church of Sweden.

Jourhavande Medmänniska (in Swedish)

Sharing your thoughts with someone can make a difference. Jourhavande präst (priest on call) listens, and what is said stays between you. You don't need to be a believer or a member of the Church of Sweden.

Jourhavande präst (in Swedish)

Bris offers support and advice to adults with questions about children and young adults (up to 18).

Bris in English

We at the Enforcement Authority have produced material on children's concerns about family finances. Here you can find materials that can help when you talk to children.

Worried about the family's money

You need advice on what support, grants, and allowances you may be entitled to

Depending on your situation, you can turn to different operators to apply for grants or to be granted a respite for payment:

Many people are insured with AFA through their job. AFA's insurance policies can provide you with compensation in case of illness, occupational injury, redundancy, death, and parental leave.

Afa Försäkring in brief

If you have become unemployed, the Swedish Public Employment Service can help you plan for the future.

Swedish Public Employment Service

You can apply to the Swedish Board of Student Finance for grants and loans for studies, driving license, and home equipment. If you already have a loan, you can apply to change your repayments if your financial situation changes.

Swedish Board of Student Finance

At the Swedish Federation of Unemployment Insurance Funds, you can find your unemployment insurance fund and see how much compensation you can receive if you become unemployed. You will also learn how to join the unemployment insurance fund, how much it costs, and what the requirements are to receive compensation.

A-kassor (in Swedish)

You may be entitled to compensation through the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Kassakollen can help you calculate how much you can get if you become ill, have children, or are granted housing allowance. They also have a housing allowance service.

Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Keeping track of your pensions can be difficult. At minPension.se, you can get an overview of what you can get in pension. You can also make pension forecasts.

Här får du enkelt koll på dina pensioner (in Swedish)

As a pensioner, you can check with the Swedish Pensions Agency whether you are entitled to housing supplement and make a preliminary calculation of the compensation.

Swedish Pensions Agency

You have been a victim of crime and need help

If you have received a fake invoice, been the victim of attempted fraud or any other crime, contact the police and file a report.

Welcome to the Swedish Police

The Swedish Crime Victim Authority can help you with information on how to report a crime to the police, how a trial works, and what possibilities there are for you to receive financial compensation. They also tell you where you can get support, help, and protection.

If you have been a victim of crime

Kvinnofridslinjen (Sweden's national women's helpline) is a national helpline for victims of violence who need support and advice. Your call is free and does not appear on your telephone bill.

The support line for men is aimed at those over 18 who are victims of threats and violence in a close relationship. It is open every day from 07:00 to 21:00. The call is free and you are anonymous. The call does not appear on the telephone bill.

You gamble too much and it affects your finances

Are you worried about your or someone else's gambling habits? The Swedish national gambling helpline, First Aid for Gambling Problems, is there to give you advice and support. It is free to contact them and you can be anonymous.

First aid for gambling problems

If you have lost control of your gambling, or for some other reason want to avoid gambling, the Swedish Gambling Authority has a great service. At spelpaus.se, you can block yourself from all registered gambling. The service covers all gambling companies licensed in Sweden.

Exclude yourself from gambling

Are you seeking help or a family member of someone who has a problem with excessive gambling? The Swedish National Association for Gambling Addicts provides a lot of information and you can participate in digital support groups.

Spelberoendes Riksförbund (in Swedish)

You are unsure whether your tax and population registration information is correct

At the Swedish Tax Agency, you can check that you are paying the correct amount of tax and that you are registered at the correct address. You can also block unauthorised change of address. This reduces the risk of someone using your personal data for fraud and identity theft.

Swedish Tax Agency

You want to avoid incurring vehicle-related debts

When you buy a vehicle, it is important that you insure the vehicle. If you don't, the Swedish Motor Insurers will levy a motor insurance charge. The charge is much higher than a regular insurance premium and is charged for each day the vehicle is uninsured. On the Swedish Motor Insurers' website, you can see the cost of not insuring your vehicle:

Charge for uninsured vehicles

You can find a list of all motor insurance companies in Sweden on the Swedish Motor Insurers' website:

Member Companies

You are also obligated to pay motor vehicle tax for your vehicle. Do you have a car you are not using? Then you can decommission it to avoid paying motor vehicle tax and motor insurance. This can be particularly important to remember if you are the beneficiary of an estate. You can find information on the Swedish Transport Agency website:

Vehicle tax

You need to know your rights and obligations in Sweden

The About Sweden website offers social orientation for those who want to know more about Sweden and Swedish society. The information is available in several languages.

About Sweden

You need help with advice and tips on starting or winding up a business

If you are thinking of starting a business, want to expand or wind up your business, you can find information from public authorities at verksamt.se.

What would you like to do?