Creditor can apply for a review of debt restructuring

Both you and the person with debt restructuring can apply to have the debt restructuring changed, for example if the finances of the indebted person improve or worsen. We call that reviewing the debt restructuring.

If the finances improve

If a person under debt restructuring becomes much better off, we can review the decision. The person's finances must normally have improved by several thousand SEK per month. Then you can apply for review of the debt restructuring.

Or the person who has debt restructuring wants to pay more and applies for review.

If the finances worsen

If the person under debt restructuring becomes worse off financially, they may not be able to pay according to the plan. If so, they can apply to have the debt restructuring changed by us, and then get to pay less.

A person with debt restructuring for entrepreneurs cannot normally pay less than one-seventh of the price base amount per quarter.

Read more about price base amounts on Statistics Sweden’s website.

Price Base Amount

Cancel— if the payments are not managed

You can also apply for us to stop (cancel) a debt restructuring, for example if the person with a debt restructuring does not pay as they should. At least three missed payments are required for a review to be relevant.

If a debt restructuring is stopped (cancelled), the person has the same debts as before the debt restructuring, minus what has been paid, but plus interest accrued during the debt restructuring.

If you want us to collect your debts, you must apply for enforcement.

Collecting a debt

Apply by form or letter

You apply by using a form or a letter you draft yourself. When applying, it is important that it is clear

  1. how you want the decision to be changed
  2. why it should be changed.

Please note

The the form is in Swedish.

Review of debt restructuring — application from creditor

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