Attachment of earnings — a common way to pay a debt

If you cannot pay your debt, attachment of earnings is a common way to pay. Then your employer deducts a sum each month.

The size of your attachment of earnings depends, for example, on

  1. the income you and the rest of the household have
  2. if there are children in the household
  3. housing costs.

Information on My pages

If you have a decision about an attachment of earnings, you will find information about it on My pages.

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You always get to keep a reserve amount

You are always allowed to keep a so-called reserve amount to support yourself. It consists of

  • your housing cost
  • a normal amount to cover your living expenses.

The following may be included in your housing cost

  • rental apartment – ​​your rent
  • own house – interest, costs for utilities and reasonable installment
  • condominium – the fee, interest and reasonable installment.

Any housing supplementary or housing benefit must be deducted from your housing cost. This applies to all accommodations.

In the normal amount the following may be including, for example

  • food
  • clothing
  • household electricity
  • insurance.

The size of the normal amount

We decide the size of the normal amounts once a year. We use the Consumer Price Index (the general price level in Sweden), which Statistics Sweden sets at the government's behest.

You can also get allowances for, for example,

  • medicine and doctor's visits
  • childcare
  • work trips.

Please note

You usually need to show us written certificates to receive allowances for costs.

How do subsidies affect the amount you get to keep?

The amount you get to keep decreases by the corresponding amount you receive in subsidies, such as

  • maintenance allowance
  • child allowance
  • student grant
  • housing allowance
  • housing supplement.

Calculate how much you get to keep

You can calculate how much money you get to keep by using our service:

Calculate your reserve amount

We investigate your finances

When we start the investigation into your finances, you must account for your income and expenses, but also if you have other assets, for example if you have money in the bank, own a car or real property unit. It is important that you provide accurate details so that you get to keep the correct amount.

You easily provide your details on income and expenses by using our e-service.

My Income and Expenses

Your creditors get paid

Your employer pays us what is left of your salary after the costs have been deducted. We ensure that those you are indebted to (your creditors) get paid. If you have debts related to maintenance, fines or taxes, we pay those debts first.

How long does attachment of earnings last?

Attachment of earnings can last as long as the debt remains and you have attachable income.

If you incur a new debt when attachment is ongoing, we add it to the other debts. Your reserve amount — the amount you are allowed to keep — will not be affected. Nor the amount we attach.

Amended decision affects future attachment

We cannot recalculate a decision on attachment retroactively. Meaning, you cannot get money back if you have overpaid. Only the court can retroactively amend a decision.

An amended decision on attachment will not apply until the next time your salary or compensation is due for disbursement.

Request correction or appeal if the decision is wrong

You can request correction if you think the decision on attachment is wrong. You can also appeal the decision if we do not change it.

Request correction

You can request correction if you think the decision on attachment is wrong. If so, it is important that you contact us. You will then get an explanation of why we made the decision and what rules apply. There may be details in the decision that needs to be amended, such as your housing cost.


You can appeal the decision if we do not change it, or if you want the court to review the matter immediately.

How to appeal

You must appeal to the court, but send your appeal to us. We will send it to the court, which decides whether or not to change the attachment.

The attachment decision includes information on how to appeal and where to mail your appeal. If you do not still have the decision, you must mail your appeal to the office closest to where you live. You can also email.

Our offices (in Swedish)

Appeal on time

The appeal must have been received by us within three weeks of your receipt of the decision. That deadline applies even if you have requested correction.

If the decision relates to attachment of earnings, there is no time limit on the appeal.

Provide detailed information

In your appeal, write

  1. which decision you are appealing
  2. why you think it should be changed and how
  3. about the evidence you wish to present and what it will prove
  4. your name
  5. your personal identity number or company registration number
  6. your address
  7. your phone number.

Sign the appeal

You or your representative must sign the appeal.

Please note

The decision on attachment is valid until the court has made its decision, even if you appeal. The money is not paid out until the court has made its decision. If the court rules in your favour you will get your money back.

You can also object

If you believe that the debt we attached for is incorrect, you can object to the claim. It may not help to appeal the attachment decision alone. You can object verbally or in writing.

If you win

You can apply for our help if the court rules in your favour and the creditors do not voluntarily repay what you are entitled to.

Sudden and unforeseen cost

You can apply for a stay on the attachment of earnings for a limited period (respite) if

  • those you are indebted to (the creditors) agree to it or
  • you have special reasons, such as unforeseen costs in case of illness.

Annual recalculation of decision

Once a year, we decide the size of the amount you get to keep. Then we recalculate your attachment of earnings.

You can also have your attachment of earnings amended if your financial situation changes.

Short-term change can change the decision

You may have your attachment of earnings changed in case of short-term changes. One example is if the child's student grant is included in the basis for your attachment of earnings, as the child does not receive a grant in July and August. Please contact us well in advance.

If the employer does not comply with the decision

Your employer must comply with the decision and notify you in writing how much has been deducted, for example on your pay slip.

Do you suspect that your employer has deducted money from your salary, but not paid us? Contact us so we can help you.

Debt restructuring

Are you so indebted that you are unable to pay your debts for the foreseeable future? If so, test if you are eligible for debt restructuring with the Enforcement Authority's debt restructuring test. 

The Enforcement Authority's debt restructuring test