Someone abroad wants you to pay them

Have you received a letter with a claim (order) to pay someone in a non-EU country? If so, the person who applied (the applicant) wants us to decide that you must pay.

You have received a letter with a claim. The reason is that we have received an application from a person or company in a country outside the EU. The applicant can apply for an order to pay.

What rules apply?

The same rules apply to a claim (order) from a person, public authority, or company abroad, as for a claim from a person, public authority, or company in Sweden.

Contact the applicant

Do you have a foreign debt that hasn't been handed over to us? Contact the applicant directly and find out the current amount and payment details. Your bank can help you with foreign payments and foreign exchange rates.

Debt abroad that we can collect

Claims within the EU

If the person or company is located within another EU country, they can apply using a European Order for Payment. Then special rules apply.

Claim for payment to someone in another EU country